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Sample Projects

Allen Foot and Ankle

HybridChart Hospital Rounding Software

O’Brien Physical Therapy


Pure Vanity


Dream Promo

Greg Sanders, MD

Chandler Implants & Periodontics

Susan Bock

Real Health Medical Center

Michael Whatmore

Moxie Girl

Richie Norton


  • “I’ve done tons of video for my business, and this is by far the best studio I’ve ever been in. If you’re looking for video, even if you’re not in Arizona, I’d be willing to fly in to get it done.

    Richie Norton

    Best-Selling Author

  • I just filmed what seemed like it would take hours of video time in just under 45 minutes. Chris and Debbie are amazing.

    John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA

    MeMD Founder and CEO

  • If I need to work with a video studio in the future, I’m always going to work with Arizona Video Studio. The individual videos they were able to build were phenomenal; our customers were so happy. And, their ability to quickly take the video and turn it around in editing showed how important they knew timing was for a small business

    Susan Koehler

    Infusionsoft VP, Marketing

  • “What I loved about working with Debbie and Chris is they had a great sense of humor, which is always a good thing to make you feel at ease on camera.”

    Deanna Davis, PhD

    Applied Insight

  • “I’ve shot a lot of videos over my career and these two have made it so easy and simple. They put you at ease, do anything they can to make you absolutely shine on your video.”

    Susan Bock

    Women Over 50

  • “Chris and Debbie know what they’re talking about. When I came into a meeting with them, in the first 30 seconds of talking to Chris, he explained to me about how to optimize the video. The first 30 seconds was worth every dime I spent working with Arizona Video Studio.”

    Stephen Hamilton

    Attorney at Law Hamilton, Hull & Rogers

  • "Loved working with this team! Super professional, talented and a lot of fun. What I particularly loved is that they were able to see my vision and execute on that seamlessly as well as add value to it. When working with a creative team, it's important that you "click" and this was a natural unforced bond that happened right from the get go. I highly recommend them!"

    Gelie Akhenblit – CEO Networking Phoenix

What People Are Saying

Susan Koehler, VP of Marketing, Infusionsoft

John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA, Founder & CEO, MeMD

Gelie Akhenblit, Networking Phoenix

Richie Norton, New York Times Best Selling Author

Ken Starks, Mortgage Strategist, Prime Lending

Stephen Hamilton, Hamilton, Hull & Rogers Attorney at Law

Jonathan Peterson, DMD, MS, DICOI, Owner, Chandler Implants & Periodontics

Susan Bock, Professional Life Coach

Michael Whatmore, Professional Business Coach

Vaun Podlongar, CEO,

Jinean Florom, Proof of Funds

Randy Elder, CPA, P.C., Small Business Accounting

Deanna Davis, PhD, Applied Insight

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